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AKA The Kitchen Sink Facials, cuz we throw it ALL in there!  You get the best treatments and most powerful products all in one amazing 75 minute session.  Wanna have even better results?  Sign up for a Signature Series and get each one at a discount. 

Want a traditional facial with fantastic results?  The Luxe facials are for you.  Each 50 minute session is designed for your skin's specific needs.  Better results are always achieved through repetition (which explains why I'm getting nothing from that unused gym membership!). 
Sign up for a Luxe Series and get each one at a discount. 

Want a traditional facial with fantastic results, and you want it FAST?  Come on in for a Speed Beauty session.  You'll be professionally polished and treated in a quick 30 minutes, with luxurious and professional strength products (helloooooo gorgeous!). 
Sign up for a Speed Beauty Series for fast results at a discount price. 

  There's nothing traditional about this 45 minute facial!  Welcome to the high tech answer to microneedling.  RevitaPen uses nano-technology sized spheres on the device tip that create tiny openings in the bi-layers of the skin.  But without the needles.  And the blood.  And the pain.  Can I get a woop woop?!?!  With this modality, treatment serums easily absorb, reaching the depth needed to more efficiently create real change in the skin.  Hit "Details" for more information.   And (you guessed it) sign up for a RevitaPen Series to get each one at a discount. 


A revolutionary treatment designed to exfoliate, illuminate and oxygenate the skin.

Imagine releasing fresh, healthy skin hidden below layers of older skin cells with a process that’s both gentle and invigorating.  This 45 minute treatment is even appropriate for sensitive skin types, and works great to freshen you up for a "Special Event" or anytime you want a boost!  Savvy shoppers will definitely want a series of 4 (why not glow AND save money, am I right???).



We have a full menu of customizable peels, and one of them is perfect for you and your skin concerns (even if you have sensitive skin!).  We also have an Organic Peel, and it smells like pumpkin pie...soooooo good!  Of course, you'll find the most transformative results come through a series of peels, and you can purchase one of those at a discount over the per peel cost.  Find out more by clicking the details button.



You can easily add-on an additional service to most of our treatments, and we have loads of great things to select!  Pick and choose exactly what you want (be warned, you're gonna want them all).  For a full menu of add-ons and prices, hit the "Details" button below.



Membership confers the best value for you, as you'll enjoy member pricing for services, and a member discount on products.  The easiest way to have great results is consistency, and the best way to be consistent (and save money!) is a membership.  NO SETUP FEE TO JOIN!  Find out more by clicking below...

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