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The Signature Collection


AKA The Kitchen Sink Facials, cuz we throw it ALL in there!  You get the best treatments and most powerful products all in one amazing 75 minute session.  Wanna have even better results?  Sign up for a Signature Series and get each one at a discount!  


"The Power of Four"


This age buster utilizes plant stem cell enhanced products with Vectorized Technology. These products keep penetrating and improving your skin for DAYS!  You'll have:

(1) Ultrasonic exfoliation, and...

(2) An advanced modality personalized to YOU (Microcurrent or Ultrasound, etc), then...

(3) LED red light therapy session (collagen boosting and anti-inflammatory) finishes your treatment, finishing with...

(4) A stem cell anti-aging mask with a personalized booster, and then a...

Enjoy the power of four with a Quattro Anti-Aging Facial, book now!  (75 minutes)

Price: $90 


"The Power of Five"


This clear skin boosting facial utilizes the best acne fighting technology coupled with cosmeceutical grade products to get your skin on track.  You'll have:

(1) Enzyme exfoliation, and the AMAZING...

(2) Microsonic extractions!  Then...

(3) Calming and killer anti-acne mask with booster, then a...

(4) High Frequency oxygenation of the skin (acne HATES oxygen!), and finally a...

(5) LED blue light therapy session (which is anti-bacterial and oxygenating) to finish your treatment.

Enjoy the power of five with a Cinque Anti-Acne Facial, book now!  (75 minutes)

Price:  $90


"The Power of You"


This completely customized facial is all about mixed concerns, or just taking your regular facial up several notches.  Have you got acne and wrinkles (so unfair, right?!), or rosacea and hyperpigmentation, or any combination thereof?  This facial brings into play the technology necessary (there is a LED color perfect for your skin, and a blend of LED we can use) with the powerful products in our treatment room to give you RESULTS.  You'll receive a custom mix of the treatments below (not all of them, YIKES!), along with the highest grade boosters and products:

(1) Microsonic and/or enzyme exfoliation

(2) Ultrasonic treatment

(3) Stem cell masks and products with Vectorized Technology (so they keep working for days!), and boosters to ramp up the results

(4) LED light therapy session using appropriate light color or combination for your concerns

(5) High Frequency treatment for acne, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, decongesting puffy eyes, and fading dark eye circles

(6) Microcurrent treatment to give you an immediate lift

Enjoy the power of you with an Individuale Custom Facial, book now!  (75 minutes)

Price: $90


Enjoy results and savings!  When you purchase a series of 4 you will have an $40 savings over the regular purchase price (for the Quattro, Cinque or Individuale).  The series is good for 365 days from first use, so you can purchase it for yourself, or as a gift.  BONUS...when you purchase a series you'll receive $10 in bonus bucks to use towards any product purchase or future service (score!).

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